Bounteous water fall from top of the rock lives up to its name resembles stream of milk cascading down from altitude of 300 feet and splitting further into capillaries of cascades in the downstream. In summer, it is a quiet recluse, far from the madding crowd with ferns and mosses damp grasses and sunlight dappled through overhanging branches into small pools below. The area was a retreat for the Maharajas of Travancore. The remnants of yesteryears grandeur in the form of mandapams on rock can be seen here. The journey to Palaruvi through the dense tropical forest is a spellbinding experience. The exquisite Forest surrounding the falls with its astounding species diversity indeed catches the attention of tourists. The surrounding mist-clad blue hills and green valleys form a stunning backdrop to the milk-white burst of foam whose muffled roar resounds through the otherwise tranquil virgin forest.
                    Waterfalls is in Aryankavu, which is a unique place where natural beauty meets adventure. With enchanting beauty, magnificant history and the captivating wildlife - Aryankavu offers diversity in every aspect of its land and culture. It has an array of attractions like diversity of vegetation, beauty of landscape and abundance of wildlife, due to proximity to Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary. Kadamanpara is the second largest natural sandal forest after Marayoor - its sandal presence is a unique location to visit by the tourists.